oak wood (Quercus robur L.)

– its range extends around the world in more than 200 species. Oak is dated 65 mil. years back, which makes it one of the oldest tree species. Oaks can reach up to 50 m in height and are one of the most long-living plants on Earth. It is estimated, that an oak tree can live even 2500 years.

Oak wood is hard, heavy and durable. Its abrasion resistance makes it especially appreciated as a material for floorboards.

Brightly brown, yellow and beige colours may fade with time, turning into more noble tints of brown and yellow-grey, thanks to which the oak wood is an unusually decorative material. With time, the oak wood hardens and becomes more noble just as beverages kept in oak barrels. Despite the fact, that the oak wood is highly valued in carpentry, it is susceptible to cracks in low temperatures, so utilizing if for windows and outer doors is rather risky.