cherry woord (Cerasus avium (L) Moench)

– the correct name of this popular tree is Prunus avium or Prunus cerasus. Its natural range extends in whole Europe, Asia Minor, Caucasus and North Africa. It grows in mountainous as well as in lowland areas. Requires soil of high calcium content. Few species are grown as fruit trees. Usually reaching heights of up to 20 m tall.

As a graceful material for decorative inlays, haberdashery and turned elements (plates, bowls etc.), cherry wood is highly appreciated by carpenters.

czereśnia jest bardzo często używana zamiast drewna orzechowego, kiedy to pożądane są złociste,brązowe i czerwonawe barwy przy zachowaniu wszystkich pozostałych właściwości, jakimi cechuje się orzech. In furniture carpentry, cherry wood is rare for it’s a demanding and hardly available material. Ennobled types – for better fruits – which are widely grown in the fruit-farming industry, are not the best material for furniture, mainly because of its short and branched trunk.